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What is the NIE?

The NIE, (Numero de Identificación de los Extranjeros) in literal translation, Identification Number for Foreigners, is a number that the Spanish State issues to non-residents wishing to settle in Spain. In summary, the NIE is a tax identification number for foreigners that identifies you with the Spanish tax authorities and allows you to declare and pay your taxes in Spain.

Why do you need a NIE?

The NIE is required for any activity that requires you, as a non-resident in Spain, to pay taxes. The NIE does not exclude your tax residency. This allows most formalities to be accomplished such as:
Buy or sell a property
Buy real estate
Connect a property to water, gas and electricity
Open a bank account
Subscribe to an insurance
Work in Spain (temporary jobs of less than 3 months only)
Study in Spain
Apply for benefits
Obtain a mortgage or any other type of personal credit
It can be used for the town hall census

Who needs a NIE?

Any foreigner who becomes tax resident in Spain
Any non-resident who plans to own assets in Spain like real estate, a car, a boat, etc.
Any foreigner who plans to work, study or start a business in Spain.

What does a NIE look like?

The NIE is issued by the national police on a standard A4 size sheet of paper, which also has your surname, first name, date of birth and nationality, and is in the form of this number, Y-12345678-R.

NIE – Identification number for non-residents

How to get a NIE?

In the event of a visit to Spain, we can make an appointment beforehand with the corresponding police station with the preparation of all the documents and the payment of the license fee. If, in the event that you need it quickly, we can request it after solicitation of a notarial power of attorney.

If, on the other hand, you want to take care of it on your own, from France:

– By making an appointment with one of the 9 Spanish Consulates in France or the embassy in Paris.
– Via a Franco-Spanish law firm

What does it take to get a NIE?

– A passport
Complete the application form in Spanish
– Pay the administration fee € 9.54