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When we plan to buy a house during the Christmas holidays, we wonder if this is the right time to buy? Based on our experience and knowledge of Personal Shopper, we will give you the reasons to buy before the end of the year. We all like to buy at the best price, and at this time of the end of the year, you can get a better negotiation, here are the reasons.

Supply outpaces demand: more real estate on the market

 It is best to negotiate right now because the requests come simply because they relate to other things such as family, celebrations, gifts.etc If you have time, it's time to enjoy them while others are in other things.

property tax declares at the beginning of the year

A better negotiation is obtained and quick to write before the end of the year so that the owner separates from the next year's IBI, in some cases another year of capital gains, increase in assets, etc.

The influence of the seasons – winter or summer

In summer, more and more foreigners come to spend the summer on the Costa del Sol, and many of them end up buying a house for their second residence. Another very curious thing is when there is sunshine that people get more excited. In the spring summer, there is more demand and fewer offers. There is the law of supply and demand. when there is more demand, there is less room to negotiate for a better price.

Experts predict that in 2020 prices will continue with the upward trend.

According to an valuation expert: we expect that during 2020, price growth between 2% and 4% will continue to decline.
Points out the managing director of Solvia: by 2020, everything suggests that the trend will be more or less similar to now and will have sustained price growth between 2% and 4%.