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retirement in malaga

Malaga a golden retreat

The health service, low crime rate, climate, culture and cost of living. These are the reasons that have made the Costa del Sol and the province of Malaga a golden retreat for pensioners from all over the world. In fact, in cities such as Alcaucan, a third of its 2,300 neighbours are over 65 years of age, mostly foreign residents of British origin. This is just an example of how the foreign population is interested in living in southern Spain for their dream retreat.

According to Forbes magazine; it has prepared a list of the best destinations in the world to enjoy this "golden age" and, in Spain, designates the Costa del Sol, Malaga as the preferred destinations. The publication periodically prepares a list of the best places focused on its American readers.

The benefits of a beautiful retirement in Malaga

"Sunny Spain is cheaper than much of Europe, especially a few kilometres from the beautiful coasts and big cities. Health care is considered excellent. The crime rate is low. Visas for U.S. retirees are relatively easy to obtain with an adequate annual income sample, about $36,000 for a couple. A tax treaty between the United States and Spain eliminates many problems of double taxation. Knowledge of Spanish is essential. There are non-stop flights to the United States," explains the magazine on Spanish destinations.

In developing this ranking, Forbes took into account factors such as the cost of living or the simplicity of obtaining a visa. He also assessed the possibility of residing in these countries without speaking the local language and the quality of the health system.

The list also includes Latin American countries such as Colombia, Panama and Aruba, Europeans such as Italy, Portugal or Scotland, and Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia among the most exotic.