To explain the benefits you could get if you decide to buy your property from a personal real estate buyer, we must first define its concept: a real estate buyer is a professional who is responsible for advise you when buying a home.

Once you know that it is a professional who will look for and find the home that best suits your needs, we will answer other questions:

What does a personal real estate client do?

To begin with, we meet with our client to be able to detect their needs and advise him in full:

– We inform about the type of accommodation that might suit him best.

– We inform you about the area, both for the location of the property and so that you know the type of services it offers (if you have schools, supermarkets, bus stops, etc.).

– We give financial advice, study each case personally, the options of each client, we study in the case of the mortgage the price at which they can buy and all the expenses that the purchase involves.

What are the benefits of seeking advice from a personal real estate agent?

In addition to all your experience and all the information you can give us, the benefits of hiring a personal real estate agent are:

Save time, as he will take care of everything and look for the most suitable real estate in case of purchase.

– Save money, because while it may seem expensive to hire the services of a personal real estate buyer, we will finally save money by having a negotiator who looks after our interests when negotiating the purchase price of the Property.

When you leave the sale of your property in the hands of a personal real estate buyer, we avoid a lot of headaches and we are assured that the whole process is in the hands of a professional.



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